Mission Statement

Urban Farmers League is a youth led organization designed to combat environmental and social injustice, by creating a platform for the youth to have equal participation in the future of our community. With the creation of urban farms we not only provide a space for youth to express but we are also able to provide the community with high quality of life, mitigate environmental degradation and provide a space for organic food to flourish.


1. Create a community of youth leaders

2. Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle

3. Beautify our community

4.Provide organically grown nutritious food to low income families and individuals

5. Provide a venue for youth culture to thrive

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6th Annual Bioneers by Bay

Day 1
This year we received scholarships to attend the 6th annual Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change Conference. In attendance the board members of the Urban Farmers League: Kerri, Chante, John, Victoria, We would like to thank the Youth Committee for hosting us, and the The First Unitarian Church of Fairhaven for housing house. We enjoyed connecting with youth from -F.R.E.S.H. New London- CT, UConn, Avery Point- CT , and Make Your Mark initiative ,- VT. On Friday not only did the board members enjoy a day off from school, we privileged to hear from: Alan Khazie, the ReadNex Poetry Squad, Adeola Oredola, a performance from David Densmore, Diane Wilson and Van Jones. We enjoyed an organic and local lunch , then we went to the secret language of your body with Inna Siegel, we learned about color healing and how to do some breathing exercises to energize and heal ourselves. For dinner we went to Brick and enjoyed some brick oven pizza and foccita(first time for some of us). Before going back to “home” we watched Carbon Nation. We got back to the church we really enjoyed bonding with follow youth.

Day 2:
We awake ready for an awesome breakfast. We enjoyed hearing from Micheal Ben-Eli, Annie Leondard, the Youth committee, Antiw A. Akom, and Seth Goldman. Also performances from Michaelle Saintinil Rudy Cabrera. Again enjoyed another delish lunch. After lunch we enjoyed connecting with the other youth who are at the conference by making Blankets for Nepal, Seed Boombs!, and pursues out of recycled fabric and blurp coffee bags. Then we enjoyed a concert by Readnex Poetry Squad and various other artist.
We went out to dinner with Uconn Avery Point. After that we join the rest of the youth initiative at Words Not Waste Open Mic, Jelly one the board members of the Urban Farmers League, and there many other performers.

Day 3:
Our last day, we were all pretty tired by this morning because of the all information that we heard, and all the people we were meeting. Our last morning we from Rikki Ott, and Bob Cavar about what really going on with the BP oil spill. We heard from the founder of the People’s Grocery in Oakland- Nikki Henderson; also from David deRothschild about his voyage on Plastik, and the best selling of author of 3 cups of tea, Greg Mortenson. Also performances from Tem Blessed and Emilia Dahilin.

check out our facebook page for pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=235507&id=290247189855


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