Mission Statement

Urban Farmers League is a youth led organization designed to combat environmental and social injustice, by creating a platform for the youth to have equal participation in the future of our community. With the creation of urban farms we not only provide a space for youth to express but we are also able to provide the community with high quality of life, mitigate environmental degradation and provide a space for organic food to flourish.


1. Create a community of youth leaders

2. Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle

3. Beautify our community

4.Provide organically grown nutritious food to low income families and individuals

5. Provide a venue for youth culture to thrive

Monday, September 13, 2010

To honor those who were affected by the event on 9/11/01; we celebrated life by hosting a harvest party. We had performances by Nu Fi Alpha, U-Nice, Alex Schein,and ReadNex Poetry Squad. This event was free to public. We had over a 50 people come through the garden throughout the day. In order to help support future of the Urban Farmers League we auctioned off : rosemary, lavender, mint, basil, and tomatoes from out garden at 59 Chambers Street. The remainder was given to our neighbors.

Chante showing her pride with a temporary tattoo

John and Decora getting ready for the auction and giving away of our harvest to our neighbors
DJ H20 Around the the turn tables

Chante and Will collecting tomatoes

John harvesting tomatoes


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