Mission Statement

Urban Farmers League is a youth led organization designed to combat environmental and social injustice, by creating a platform for the youth to have equal participation in the future of our community. With the creation of urban farms we not only provide a space for youth to express but we are also able to provide the community with high quality of life, mitigate environmental degradation and provide a space for organic food to flourish.


1. Create a community of youth leaders

2. Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle

3. Beautify our community

4.Provide organically grown nutritious food to low income families and individuals

5. Provide a venue for youth culture to thrive

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City of Newburgh Youth Launch “Urban Farmers League” to Cultivate the future of Newburgh.

City Grants Group Use of City-Owned Vacant Lot to Start Youth-Run Urban Farm

Newburgh, NY – In the first week of June, youth from the City of Newburgh will announce the creation of the “Urban Farmers League”, a youth-run organization dedicated to farming and education for the City’s young residents.

On April 26th, 2010, the Newburgh City Council voted to grant the “League” the use of a vacant lot located at 59 Chambers St. It will be called La Vida Garden. In partnerships with the Orange County Land Trust, Orange County Department of Health, Pathstone Community Improvement of Newburgh, Greenway, Arts in Orange, and Trust Your Struggle Art Collective. The Urban Farmers League plans to use the lot at 59 Chambers St. as a pilot project, hoping to expand and create gardens in other vacant lots throughout the City.

“As youth in the community, we are tired of the negative stereotypes that are applied to us,” said Jerome Little, Angelica and Victoria Scialpi, all 17 year old City of Newburgh residents and some of the youth board members. “The perception of a few does not determine the action of the whole. We are creative individuals who intend on using our voices and opinions to educate and better our neighborhoods. Our youth farm will be a venue for community education.”

To start, over the next few months, not only will the “League” be growing organic fruits and vegetables, but it will also conduct workshops and events in La Vida Garden. Throughout the summer there are plans which include, movie nights and open mic nights for other youth and community members to come and express themselves. We are cultivating the future of Newburgh because WE ARE THE FUTURE.

Please join us for a press conference Saturday June 5, 2010 at 10am. It will be held at 59 Chambers Street. For more information please feel free to contact Kim


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